The music

Featherstone was founded by songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer Rikard Quist in 2012. After writing for and playing with other bands like Gypsy Rose, Don Patrol, Last Autumn´s Dream, White Wolf and Bangalore Choir he decided to record some of his own original music. Collaborating with friend and singer Lars Boden, plus friend and heavy drummer Nic Österlund (Headplate), Featherstone was born. Lyricist Jon Wilde (who Rikard had written with previously) was also recruited as a member of the band.

The debut album ”Northern Rumble” contains 10 strong and timeless hard rock songs filled with epic choruses, soaring melodies and overdriven power to keep you coming back again and again.

  1. Hold On To Love Featherstone 0:49
  2. Freedom Call Featherstone 0:41
  3. Leave Me Be Featherstone 0:42
  4. I Need Myself The Most Featherstone 1:14
  5. Fear Me Save Me Featherstone 0:52
  6. Scandinavian Rose Featherstone 0:30